Customer Reviews

Kevin Spicer Purchasing Manager, Ace Store #4421, #9709, #4711

"I am pleased to hear that Global Vision has become a vendor for Ace Hardware. We have been doing direct business with Global since March of 2006. They have provided us with private label glasses with our logo on them for resale and for promotional use. 

The price for these glasses with our logo printed on them was outstanding and the quality terrific. We have customers who ask specifically for the glasses with the Moynihan Lumber Logo on them.

In addition we stock 11 other safety/sunglasses items from Global in our three stores. We have yet in these five years to have any returns and the category returns a great margin. The selection from the catalogue is almost overwhelming. 

I hope and expect that you will have a similarly successful and profitable experience with the Global Vision Co."

Joe Gaytan Moynihan Lumber Co.

"We have been supplying safety glasses to the iron workers union on the Freedom Tower project in New York City. They love the quality and Global Vision (Avis) has something for everyone.

Marvin and Craig Parts Manager, Kearney Yamaha

"I have carried other brands of glasses/ goggles but none of them compare to the quality of Global Vision. Going into my 8th year I can honestly say that I have had 1 complaint and with the easy warranty that was taken care of right away. 

The styles and the comfortable fit make it an easy sale even to the toughest customer!! Now the price range is so incredible that not one customer complains or can buy on the internet cheaper, and that is not to mention the pure profit from selling Global Vision. 

I don’t think there is any line out there that is even close to Global Vision. From easy ordering to customer care, thanks Global Vision and Kelly."

Peggy Purvines
 Horizons Motorsports
, Conyers, GA

"My husband and I own and operate Horizons Motorsports in Conyers, Georgia. We have been carrying Global Vision Sunglasses for over 6 years and they are the only sunglasses company that we have in our store. We love the quality and the pricing structure that they offer. Most of all we love the customer service that they give to us.

Bree Walker & Kimi Williams Cruisin Biker Wear, LLC, Boise, ID

"We love Global Vision glasses... the quality and variety are very good. The glasses sell themselves and the margins are great. And we appreciate the great customer service! We really love doing business with Global Vision!

April Voliva Motorclothes Manager
, Southside Harley Davidson
, Virginia Beach, VA

“Global eyewear offers great products at a great price with great customer service, who could ask for more?!!”

Kent and Doreen Carlile K.C. Cycle & Helmet World, Canandaigua, NY

“Global Vision Eyewear sells itself! We have six display racks in our store right now; and if we had extra space, we would use more because of the wide variety available. Customers keep coming back for more! They’re satisfied and, as a result, we make great profits!”

John and Susan Kirby Reflections LTD
, Cincinnati, OH

“We have been in the eyewear business for over 35 years. Through the years, we have purchased eyewear from several companies, and none compare to Global Vision. Our customers are very pleased with the quality and affordability of Global Vision products. Customer service is the best!”

Dave Boudreau Owner
, JJ Sunglasses
, Powell, OH

“I enjoy working with the folks at Global Vision Eyewear. The quality of the product is very good. The service I receive from the Customer Service staff is always friendly and professional. It is a pleasure working with them whether I’m following up on an order, looking for new products, or tapping their knowledge of the sunglass business!”

Blane Kamp Owner
, BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids
, MI

“Price, quality and profits that can’t be beat! There’s still profits to be made in today’s economy with Global Vision!”

Harriet Redwine Motorclothes Manager, 
Fort Worth Harley Davidson
, Fort Worth, TX

“I continue to buy Global Vision eyewear - - (it’s) great style at a great price!”

Brian Jackson aka "The I Believe Guy"

"I am a 4 time Guinness World Record Holder for Blowing up hot water bottles. I hold the Guinness Record for “Fastest Hot Water Bottle Burst” 12.29 seconds.

I also hold the Guinness Record for “Blowing up 3 hot water bottles in a row” in 1 minute 8 seconds.

I have used your safety glasses for several years.

As you might imagine, when the hot water bottles burst, they hit me very hard, so the protection for my eyes is very important. In the past I used different safety glasses until I found yours.

I’ve had other safety glasses break or shatter, and that is very dangerous and scary.

I have yet to have one of your safety glasses break, they may bend a little, but they have always protected my eyes. I do not worry when I am wearing your safety glasses.